ADCT project-DaBang band National tour at the end of the year

After nearly a year's precipitation, the Da Bang band will launch its national tour from November to December 2012 under the strong combination of the modern sky and the music program.

In the brand-new EP Celebrate, the Dabang band once again gives full play to their musical talent, the drummer Li Nan's strong drum point, or the singer Wang Jing's hard-to-reach voice explosive power, will make audiences remember in this EP, at the same time, with the addition of new guitarist Yan Shuai, the big stick band in the new song. There are more innovative ideas in the orchestration, which not only retains the strong characteristics of the baseball band before, but also incorporates more restrained ideas and creativity, making the band as a whole more mature in music.

Brand new EP Celebrate tour: "For bravery, for color, for embracing, for journey, for danger, for freedom, for fun, for love, for you."