In early 2013, KON started a small and new cooperation project -BIRD BY DOUG..

This is Doug Alves (, who is a famous Brazilian illustrator living in Los Angeles, who will specially design a series of products for this collaboration.

The first 4 joint T-shirts have been given full play by DOUG ALVES.

Large posters will be attached for collection with the products. The cooperative money will be sold in April. We are looking forward to the coming of hot summer together.


As early as 2005, Doug Alves has strong personal style works, attracting many brands such as MTV, COKE, ADOBE, ADIDAS, ZUNE and so on. His intrinsic style is composed of elaborate details and intricate lines. How will this cooperation project continue this creative enthusiasm? This month will be unveiled!


More BIRD BY DOUG new works will be seen in WWW.BIRDBYDOUG.COM.