DASHGEAR Series Published

The DASHGEAR series, which incorporates sports genes, is a specially designed lightweight series that KON prefers sports. This “double-set meal” series is made of high-quality quick-drying and high-elastic fabric, which is suitable for large-volume sports wear. The fabric weaving process helps keep the body fresh and comfortable. The anti-odor process helps to reduce microbial growth. There is no deliberately in the design of the version, continuing the KON trend, the cuff design under the pressure, the flat plate and the classic size.

  • High-elastic fabric - stretch stretch fabric for flexible movement
  • Sweat comfort - the fabric's tidal weaving process helps to drain away sweat for a more comfortable fit
  • Reduction process - the whole piece of clothing is cut with minimalist. The process of removing common accessories is used to strengthen the characteristics of the fabric itself.
  • Fitting cutting - Every detail follows ergonomics Increases athletic comfort
  • 3mm stitching - 3mm advanced double stitching with better extension