Great Wall Electronic Music night

July 21, 2012 is doomed to be an extraordinary night, the electronic music party on the Great Wall is about to invade the heart and lungs! KON will enjoy the warm atmosphere of YAN PA with you on the spot, at the same time, will bring you unexpected "mysterious weapon", take the invitation, put on the commemoration of Tee, 19 o'clock, start on time!

About Yan [from's bump culture:

YEN not only created the activity situation of PARTY, the local electronic dance music in Beijing, but also guided the pioneer music market in Beijing.

Creative site selection: 798 Art District's large warehouse-style art space has become a distinct symbol of YEN. Guiding the trend of youth culture.

Stage construction and production: Strong international production team, design and build in space from lighting to sound and stage, with tacit understanding of the complete scene production system, to bring the perfect visual experience to the whole activity.

Music production: as the soul of dance activities. YEN brand music has strong and distinctive characteristics. Every time we invite the best DJ artists who are active in China, we arrange them carefully according to the music style, and present different and coherent music parties.

International Partners: Restaurant industry partners from different countries but also influential in different regions of Beijing have become YEN brand bar system support. Mature, fast, and understanding of customers make them deeply trusted by YEN brand guests.
YEN brand as a whole team, not only created into 50 amazing large-scale dance activities, but also invited more than 30 national electronic dance DJ artists. Become the stage of local excellent DJ.