KON FW2017 collection is named "KNIGHT". In this season, product line strives to continue to break through the functional design and incorporate the right amount of popular elements to create an adventurous wave travel equipment. Most of the fabrics use a unique outdoor functional composite fabric, with details of windproof and waterproof features, such as reverse pull head, hidden pockets, raised face design, etc., to enhance the outdoor sense. At the same time, comfort is an important consideration in the product line. Simplified the unnecessary stitching and trimming, optimizing the range of the shoulder elbow size with a large amount of activity, and the distribution is more rationally distributed. The VOKANO collection of equipment has developed 11 new products, focusing on the way of light travel, reducing its own weight and retaining the unique functionality of the series. Other peripheral products such as baseball caps, belts and other accessories are also highlights of this year. The new products will be new in August, and they can be sold in advance through pre-order.