KON FW2018【LAVA】collection’s design concept is from KON new visual system, using the brand's signature black, white and orange as the basic tone, coupled with the warm colors of red, yellow,purple…etc. which appearing in the process of the flame changing, add vitality and warmth to this bleak fall.

And the design aspect, color collision, splicing and segmentation are used in this season. The splitting line has both function and decoration, making products simple but with sense of design, and striving to find a balance between style and function.

KON always pay attention to the detail design. In this season, there are many functional details waiting for you to discover, such as the intercalated pocket design, you can take out the items without opening the zipper; and the windproof hem of jacket to maintain body temperature in bad weather...

In addition, the commodity style is more abundant in this season, we add vest in the garment category, various size pockets to place your small items, so that you can travel without bags; Accessories category add scarves, belts and outdoor picnic mats…etc.

This series of products will be launched on August 21st, please pay attention to the latest news of KON official website and e-commerce platform!