Behind every cyclist, there is a story of his own. Back on KON-PACKAGER, ride a bicycle, experience the feeling of the road in summer. Every bicycle is a little vagrant in the city.


The packager is KON's first collaboration with designer GUANZISM, to launch a limited range of bike backpacks. Today, with the growing bikers, the requirements for equipment are constantly changing. Practicality and fashion sense are the starting point of this cooperative product, hoping to achieve the best integration of both inside and outside fabrics. Selection and strap, after more than 20 different material combinations and splicing. The leather of strap combined with high-density fiber strap, is the biggest bright spot of this product, guaranteed, in the stress surface, adjustable, aesthetic three aspects of the largest integration. Strict metal details maintain a consistent slightly paranoid persistence. Internal waterproof fabrics, add authenticity to this section. It is a practical function. "Both inside and outside" is the real quality assurance.

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GUANZISM, a Malaysian designer residing in Beijing, have been greatly involved in the local music scene for over 10 years. With a passion for music, and support for local artists, GUANZISM have designed for various Beijing electronic music brands like YEN, Morse, Japan Avex’s HOUSE NATION, and many others. GUANZISM have also worked with local DJs like Beijing’s reputable techno DJ Mickey Zhang.  GUANZISM’s t-shirt and flyer designs can be spotted at DJ Ken Ishii’s China tour in 2004, the legendary Great Wall Rave Parties, to Beijing’s hottest Halloween parties.