Recently, KON and designer GENGWEI jointly released 10 series of summer tides called "Owl". Ingenious ideas are expressed through exquisite pattern details, making the 10 patterns full of fun. Designer Wei Wei, currently deputy creative director of CheilpPengtai, independent illustrator, Adobe China TOP100 leader. He graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and worked in 4g advertising companies such as Ogilvy and BBDO. He has been engaged in creative and design work for more than 10 years. Nowadays, I am trying to integrate the design language into the painting, express my works with my own ideas, and like to use animals, elves and other subjects to express my longing for simplicity.


For this theme, Yan Wei said, “I like owls very much. Before the creation, I spent a lot of time, familiar with their classification, recognition and habits. As the same species, the gap between the categories is so huge that it is even more fascinating. I fantasize that each owl is the protagonist of a story and has its own extraordinary experience; I want to draw their stories and tell their legends with a portrait."