Thanks to Edo De Bastiani, Deus Agency for the special music created by KON!

KON continues the RANDOMTOUR trip this season, in the name of music, fermentation inspiration! For ideals and reason, everyone has their own understanding. What we can do is to follow the emotions of the self, not to converge with the popular rhythm, only go Grasp the inner satisfaction; do not contend with the attitude of winning, only to complete the long-established goal; not to follow the trend, just to be a new one. Enjoy the happiness brought by independence and self, ADDICTION SPIRIT with us!

The 2014 autumn and winter collections have more details on KON's previous products, and have made more thoughts on the changes in the clothing brought about by the seasonal characteristics, especially in the function of wearing the deeper research, hard Widening the brim, the venting device hidden in the extra-thick cotton-padded details, and the seemingly random and hand-washed water-washing tannins, as well as the upcoming Konplex accessory line, add a lot of praise to this autumn and winter new product. The highlights. The overall style is based on KON's consistent high-grade gray tone. The decisive bright color is even more outstanding. The fabric customization also maintains a high-precision process, so that every inch of fiber can be integrated into the comfort of the underwear itself. On the model Alessandro dark brown skin color for a new product has a better display.