" STARDUST " Los Angeles Debut this season

2017SS design theme starts with “STARDUST” Based on the current technology sense, the future trend of fashion

The future of science and technology is combined with a cold atmosphere.

KON will light the atmosphere

The idea of sports is changing which is it running? Or climbing? Or flying?…………

NO!this is new! Timely movement mode

Inspiration to space travel

The future focuses on the current infiltration of fashion with a broad

In the design of interplanetary space is the Milky Way and planets and other graphical elements

The theme of the bold and linear graphics of the digital wave is based on the 17/18 future-focused trend

And enhanced by powerful core colors

The core level implies a low-key mood based on dark colors.

Black gray blue → white orange red

Change from classic dark tones ……

Orange-red shows the evolution from brand color to leading fashion color

There is a strong presence between the future and reality.

Provide a conversion possibility in parallel space


The material is made of waterproof coating, but also breathable and comfortable. Even from day to night, it is also transparent.

Make spring and summer

Enjoy the tour