"Natural forcus" not only gives us the direction of creation this season, but also stimulates us to explore the existence of all things more interestingly and find some natural power in the sense of smell. Maybe you can find more inspiration in life like us.


SUMERU comes from Sanskrit. It is called XUMI mountain, also known as Miao mountain. The legend is located in the center of the world, surrounded by the perfume sea. It is suspended in high altitude, consisting of gold, silver, glass and crystal. It is the highest peak in the world.

Name of the product: SUMRU

Capacity: 75ml

Price: 290 yuan.

Fragrance: Wood ice fragrance

Front notes: bergamot and citron

Medium tunes: Geranium

Post tune: white cedar wood, sandalwood

Flavor characteristics:

Slightly cold, glacial taste, interpretation of the nature of strong, moving, and attractive spirit. Choose harmonious and symbiotic air, water and wood to show the fragrance of this fragrance. Bergamot and citrus - the elements representing water; the medium tones are geranium, cilantro leaves - representing elements of wood; the keynote is white cedar wood and sandalwood - representing the elements of air.