TURN IT ON-Influencer out of image

Most things in the world can be done by a single crazy attachment. Except for love. Liu Yadang thinks so.
But he has done many things that he had never thought of before. For example, to make a movie; and, for example, to tell a persistent and fruitless story in the movie. Liu Adam's involvement in movies is quite accidental, but his talent for imagery seems to be bound to follow this path.
As a new generation director after 1980, Adam Liu does not deny that he is green at present, but he feels even more, "If you don't start because it's hard to start, then things will be more painful than 'hard' itself." Liu Adam can't bear not to do what he likes. As an out-of-image imager, he has his own persistence and hopes to build his influence. In his view, the best way to salute insane people is to start crazy -- TURN IT ON!
Liu Ya's works: <Pilot Diary> <Winter Light> <We are all post-80s> <Love Kidnappers Group>, appreciate Liu Adam's SHOWREAL for this special edition of TURN IT ON, maybe give you some unique emotional resonance.

Indulge in your favorite things, and accomplish masterpieces in an elegant state. Instant open state full value, "Turn it on!" Motivate people to start this! Not olny the dream is to become a rock musician, to conquer that long-cherished dangerous peak, but also to create an unprecedented work of art. Mankind should not idle away in hesitation. It is evil to miss what is loved. Now, connect the power supply, bring your skateboard, press that button, and start putting in! Often, what we call milestones is not the final step to achieve goals, but the first step.